Who Are We ?

Bell is owned and led by Matthew Moses and was launched as an insurance brokerage and risk management consultancy in 2015 to bring global validity, relevance, value, and security to our clients of Trinidad and Tobago.

Prior to returning to Trinidad to launch Bell, Matthew spent 10 years’ abroad working at Willis Towers Watson in London handling Latin American and Caribbean Facultative Reinsurance and Wholesale Property, Energy, Terrorism & Liability insurance classes specifically into the Lloyd’s of London and European reinsurance marketplace, and managing Willis Re’s Treaty reinsurance portfolio for English-speaking Caribbean insurers out of the Miami market.

Mathew Moses

Registered insurance broker with over 15 years’ insurance experience, both internationally and locally. Matthew holds a BA (Hons) in Economics from York University (Canada), MSc in Economics & Management from University of Bristol (United Kingdom) and Dip CII from Chartered Insurance Institute (United Kingdom).

Bell provides full and comprehensive insurance brokerage services for Medium to Large Private and Personal clients in Trinidad and Tobago

We design and deliver solutions that Manage Risk Optimize Benefits Cultivate Talent and expand the power of capital to protect and strengthen institutions and individuals

Focus On Technology

Given the meteoritic rise of individual proficiency in the use of online services for banking, travel and shopping, we believe the insurance industry is at a critical intersection where it must grow and Bell is a leader in that space.

Today, Bell stands as one of Trinidad and Tobago’s fastest growing insurance brokers with a growing customer base of +10,000 and a team of +14 professionals and over 200 years of combined insurance experience. Our head office is situated in Woodbrook, Port of Spain and a branch office situated in Arima.


In 2018, Bell launched Shyft.tt, the Caribbean’s first insuretech aggregator and client portal focusing on personal lines of insurance. 

Shyft is the Caribbean’s largest aggregator with over 10 insurance partners.

Bell has

                                  extensive experience in technical areas of insurance and handle over 13 classes of insurance. We also have an acute ability to gather and analyze data, and we lean heavily on the strong connectivity to our international partners and advisory network in Miami and London including Willis Towers Watson, AON Inc. and Guy Carpenter, as well, a closely cultivated network of independent affiliated insurance brokers throughout the Caribbean region. 

What’s in a name,

and why

Around 3000BC instead of loading all their cargo onto a single ship, Chinese merchants would spread their wares across many vessels to limit loss, in case any one ship would be lost in China’s treacherous rivers. Shipping, trade, redefining borders, refining wealth and finding ways to secure all of it – Insurance – has driven the evolution of modern society.

From Babylon, to early Greece to Jerusalem, and across history we see examples of insurance and its side-by-side evolution with global trade, modern economic development and business.

In November 1628, Lloyd’s of London’s first policy was taken out for the safe journey of a ship… to Guyana… for the handsome sum of 100 pounds.  In fact, the Lutine Bell, hung at Lloyd’s in the 1800s would signal the safe arrival or loss of a ship that the company insured – one stroke for bad news, two for good. During his time in the London market, Matthew walked past this bell every day in the underwriting room. At 106 pounds and 18 inches in diameter, today, it is purely a symbol, but it inspired an immense sense of grandeur, permanence and, well, assurance – that such a relatively small artifact could hold such significance in such a large world.

But things have changed a good deal since. And the world is wired together in all kinds of new and evolving ways. And that’s why we’re here. Today, most of us in the Caribbean are only able to directly access insurers that inhabit the same shores as we do. And even with foreign re-insurers, we are for the most part, unable to individually and directly access the economies of scale, the financial innovation and a broad spectrum of compatibilities and possibilities for custom brokerage and planning that populate and drive the global marketplace.

The Lutine Bell

Why Choose Bell ?

Bell maintains a boutique approach to the clients we seek to work with; and we don’t strive to be the biggest but to be the best insurance advisor, intermediary, negotiator, claims advocate, innovator and market strategist possible for the benefit of our clients.

Our focus is singular emphasis on teamwork, integrity, mutual respect and a constant striving for excellence are the values at the core of Bell’s operating culture. Our values will continue to define our approach and our relationships with our clients, the insurance market both locally and internationally, and all stakeholders now and in the future.

Bell’s selective nature allows us to work with key players in their commercial space who have the capacity to execute risk management and loss control programs that over time improved their own risk, accrued premium savings, reduced deductibles and wider cover. The focused client strategy also allows Bell to maintain and deliver high levels of energy, resources and capacity in servicing and building long-term partnerships where we can continually offer the highest level of service in claims, policy and contract review, client interface, negotiations with markets and risk management and technical advice.

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