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We are a full service Broker offering a range of Insurance solutions customized to our valued clients’ needs in a variety of classes including: 

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Every business is unique, and so should their needs be different. Bell Insurance Services Limited understands what it means to be unique and we strive to achieve custom written insurance programmes in order to ensure the right coverage and best terms are provided for each of our clients. 

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To be internationally competitive and relevant, or to just have equity in the global environment, access to the same playing fields is the first qualification. That’s where we come in. Welcome to the global playing field. Welcome to Bell Insurance Services, where we provide insurance coverage and services that stand up in and to any dynamic global standard and context. The ability to spread the risks among many ships – ships well beyond the river you sail in.

Matthew Moses
Managing Director

Stefan Luces
Operations Manager

Chantelle Creed
Account Executive

Sushma Rampersad
Account Executive
Kade Cottoy
Portfolio Manager
Donna Miles
Medical Indemnity Executive

Keiron Baptiste
Team Sales Leader

Ayana Darbasie
Claims Lead
Veera Singh
Account Executive
Repheal Shade
Customer Sales leader
Celine Gyan
Customer Sales-leader
Tenika Rampersad
Customer Sales-leader


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